Add more color !

Experiment with colors which reflect your company's logo and your work clothes will be not only clothes, but also will represent the company’s image. Use contrasting colors for clothes‘ details such as collar, cuffs , pockets , cleft of a skirt or sleeve. Create a character for your work clothes .

Do not be afraid of innovation

If you can afford to change clothes more often, do not be afraid to follow the latest trends of the year. For example in 2016, use large flashed pockets and they may be in other color; use high collars, do not be afraid to change simple buttons into the metal buttons or studs, even in the classic clothes.

Carefully choose the fabric

As you are wearing the clothes every day, and you want your skin to breathe, the fabric should be of natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, which should make about  50 %. The fabric must contain at least a few percent of elastane for you to feel comfortable. Making easier to maintain the clothes the rest of the fabric should be from synthetic fibers. To make sure that clothes would be soft, anti wrinkles and resistant to water use fabrics with travel suit and other finishes.

White collar

Women are wearing the shirts for more than a century, but in the conscious and subconscious level they do not forget that they have pinched them from the men. Blouse can pose a variety of associations of the purity, generosity, regularity and wisdom. The term "white collar" means the person managing or working in mental work. Shirts are an integral part of the classic uniforms.

Choose individual sewing

Clothing design will not be worth anything if the garment will not look properly on employee, it will be too big or too narrow or with inappropriate length. Choose a producer, which will take into account shape type of each employee.

Lining is very important

Lining fabric is a very important part of your clothes, because it has a direct contact with your body. Make sure not to use fully synthetic fibers, for example viscose / polyester lining fabric instead, which will be nice to the body and will absorb the moisture well enough, and it will be strong enough in comparison with the fully natural fibers.

Choose a good quality handbag

Strict shaped bag, where you can keep both your laptop, presentations or personal things are mandatory accessory, which clearly stresses that a person are active and self-confident.

Match the suitable accessories

Remember that a tie, scarf or belt is very important work clothing accent, emphasizing your clothing style and it may be in a contrasting color or with your company logo.

Set the wearing rules

Clearly define wearing characteristics of the clothes, to look it clean and seamless. Set the length of the skirt, shirt tucked in or worn on top, vest worn under a jacket or separately.

About shoes

Footwear is particularly important clothing accent. Although high-heeled form a graceful gait, but for long working days, it is advisable for women to choose simple shoes.  High heels are required for going to a meeting with clients or partners. Always lasting and trendy classic elegance is advised for men.

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